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注册就送的娱乐网站|每日新闻播报(September 17)

2020-01-11 13:54:14

注册就送的娱乐网站|每日新闻播报(September 17)

注册就送的娱乐网站,>trump blames color on bulbs


traditional light bulbs [photo/vcg]

us president donald trump on thursday evening claimed that energy efficient light bulbs make him look orange, one in a series of bizarre claims about green energy and climate conservation in remarks to republican house members in baltimore.


"what's with the lightbulb?" trump asked in his more than hour long remarks. he described energy efficient light bulbs as "many times more expensive than that old, incandescent bulb that worked very well" and "the lights no good." 在长达一个多小时的激昂陈词中,特朗普问道:"(节能)灯泡有什么用?" 他说,节能灯泡"比工作得很好的老式白炽灯贵很多倍",而且"灯光效果一点也不好"。

"the bulb that we're being forced to use, to me, most importantly, i always look orange," he said. "我们不得不使用的这种灯泡,对我来说,最成问题的,就是总让我看起来一脸橙色。"

light bulbs have been a common target for the president who has used them as a symbol to criticize obama-era energy and environmental restrictions. 灯泡问题一直都是特朗普攻击奥巴马时期制定的能源和环境限制政策的靶子。

the trump administration lifted energy efficiency regulations earlier for several common types of light bulbs, which critics believe is the administration's assault on efforts to combat climate change and energy use. 早先,特朗普政府撤销了针对数种常用灯泡的节能规定,批评人士认为这是该政府在对抗气候变化和能源利用方面的倒行逆施。

>solid gold toilet stolen


the fully functional 'america' toilet made from 18-karat gold has been opened in the guggenheim museum in manhattan, new york city, usa, on september 16, 2016. [photo/ic]

an 18-carat solid gold toilet that was part of an art exhibit was stolen early on saturday from the magnificent home in england where british wartime leader winston churchill was born.


the toilet, titled "america", was created in 2016 by italian artist maurizio cattelan. it was valued at roughly 1 million pounds. it had been installed only two days earlier at blenheim palace, west of london. 2016年,意大利艺术家莫瑞吉奥•卡特兰制作了这个名为"美国"的马桶,其价值约为100万英镑(约合人民币884.7万元)。这件展品两天前刚被安装在布莱尼姆宫里。

police said the toilet was taken by thieves who used at least two vehicles. they believe the thieves left the spacious property around 4:50 am. 警方表示,多名盗贼用至少两辆汽车盗走该马桶,他们据信于4时50分许离开现场。

a 66-year-old man was arrested in the case, but he has not been identified or charged. closed circuit tv footage is being studied in the investigation. 目前,该案中有一名66岁的男子被逮,但其身份尚未得到确认,此人也未受到起诉。警方在调查中正在仔细查看闭路电视片段。

because it had been connected to the palace's plumbing system, police said the toilet's removal caused "significant damage and flooding" to the building, a unesco world heritage site filled with valuable art and furniture.警方表示,由于马桶与宫殿的管道系统相连,马桶被拆除对该建筑造成了严重损坏,还出现了漏水的状况。布莱尼姆宫是联合国教科文组织认定的世界遗产,宫殿里到处都是珍贵的艺术品和家具。

>drones hit saudi oil


smoke is seen following a fire at an aramco factory in abqaiq, saudi arabia, sept 14, 2019 in this picture obtained from social media. [photo/agencies]

drone attacks on two saudi arabian oil production facilities on saturday have halted around half of the supplies from the world's top exporter and raised global concerns over oil supplies.


a 10-drone attack, for which yemen's houthi rebels have claimed responsibility, targeted saudi state-owned oil company aramco's facilities in abqaiq and the hijrat khurais oilfield. 10架无人机袭击了沙特国有石油公司阿美位于布盖格的石油设施以及胡赖斯油田,也门胡塞反政府武装宣称对此次袭击负责。

the attacks resulted in "the temporary suspension of production operations," saudi energy minister abdulaziz bin salman said sunday in a statement. after saturday's attacks, saudi arabia saw production cut by 5.7 million barrels a day.沙特能源大臣阿卜杜勒-阿齐兹•本•萨勒曼15日在声明中表示,袭击事件导致石油设施生产暂时中断。14日遭袭后,沙特石油日产量减少570万桶。

>oxford tops rankings



tsinghua university in beijing. [photo/ic]

oxford university has been ranked first in the latest rankings by times higher education (the) for the fourth year in a row.


the california institute of technology is in second place. the annual the world rankings put cambridge in third and imperial college london in 10th. 美国加州理工学院位居第二,剑桥大学在榜单中排名第三,伦敦帝国理工学院排名第十。

us universities continue to dominate the rankings, taking seven of the top 10 places and 60 out of the top 200. 美国大学继续在榜单中占据主导地位,在前10名中占据了7席,在前200名中占据了60席。

asian university systems are catching up - with china and japan continuing to perform strongly in the rankings. 亚洲大学正在迎头赶上——中国和日本的大学在排名中仍然表现强劲。

chinese mainland has continued its ascent of the rankings this year and is now home to the top two universities in asia for the first time. 今年中国大陆高校排名继续上升,首次包揽亚洲前两名。

tsinghua university holds on to the number one spot in the region, despite dropping one place since last year to 23rd, while peking university is now second in asia and 24th overall, after rising seven places. 清华大学较去年下降一位,但仍位居亚洲第一,总排名第23名,北京大学紧随其后,排在24位,较去年上升7名。

the national university of singapore drops two places to 25th. elsewhere in the top 200, the university of science and technology of china rises 13 places to joint 80th and shanghai jiao tong university climbs 32 places to joint 157th.新加坡国立大学名次下降两位至第25名。在榜单前200名中,中国科学技术大学排在并列第80名,较去年上升13位。上海交通大学排在并列第157名,较去年上升32位。

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